Monday, April 14, 2008

Over active clickers

Ok, ok. Stop with the emails. We get the message. Shoppers don't like being hit with multiple listings. Well, honestly, neither do we. We work hard to line up all the General Store merchandise just so, then someone comes in and lists four pygmy goats with matching saddles and suddenly the store looks like a petting zoo with three-day-old hay on the floor.
But to be fair, those who posted multiple times weren't always at fault. We had a few coding problems that messed with our server and would send three goats to slaughter when the seller only had one to get rid of. Fortunately, order has been restored and except for a spare bucket of feed, things are back in place.
There is one change, though, and that is a limit on how many times sellers can post within a few days. This is not really a new rule, we've just decided it needed to be enforced since several people were listing the entire contents of their garage and their neighbors and spreading it out over six or eight listings. If you get an error that says you've already posted, wait a couple of days and try again. Remember, it takes time to get out the smell of goats.